Our Business

Lanewood provides an end to end service to professional investors taking away the hassle of investing in the growing residential investment and development market.

Initially, it carries out extensive research and then appraises numerous opportunities keeping alert as to the changing marketplace.


Once a project is presented, it manages all aspects of the funding requirements on behalf of Sophisticated, High Net Worth or Institutional investors until the purchase completes.


It then manages the asset, benefiting uniquely from local knowledge and expertise in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Brighton and Yorkshire. These are locations that its sister company, Lanewood has established presence.


At the end of the planned investment period, it oversees the exit of different residential investments and developments.

Lomond Investments benefits from local knowledge and expertise in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Brighton and Yorkshire, and provides an end to end service to professional Investors.


Professional approach to identifying both target areas and asset types through a combination of data analysis and local knowledge.


Accessing the property debt market in order to obtain favourable terms on behalf of clients in order to maximise equity value.


Subject to qualification we enable investors to participate in larger properties.


In conjunction with our tax advisors implement the most tax efficient structure for the various investments.

Property Management

Offer seamless management solution for the asset



Manage the exit process for the asset to maximise the value of client’s investments either through onward sale of a number of units or sale of individual units.

Asset Management

Assets are re-engineered to maximise value, increase yield and maximise overall return from investment. Lanewood will manage, on behalf of clients, renovation or development of properties.

Residential requirements

We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any of the following opportunities in Manchester:

Land suitable for residential with or without planning

Tired buildings suitable for residential and in need of refurbishment

High yielding residential assets (E.g. HMO’s, Small blocks of flats)